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How Do I Find the PageRank of a Web Page


How do I find the PageRank of a Web Page? Well, PageRank is a score from zero to ten that Google assigns to a particular web page. The PageRank denotes the importance of the site in the eyes of Google and is determined by several factors, including the number of other important pages that are linking to that web page.
The higher the amount of important pages linking to a web page, the higher its PageRank or PR.
To find out the PageRank of a web page you need to download the Google Tool Bar, just search Google for this.
If you already have a Google Tool Bar but it does not have a PR button you may need to uninstall your old Google Tool Bar and install the new one.
Once you have the PageRank Button you can check out thePR of all your web pages and the pages of your competitors etc. If you see that one of your customers or suppliers sites have a good PageRank try and get them to link to you.
On average, if you have a PageRank of 2 you are doing well.
As you get more incoming links your PR should go up.
Please also bear in mind that your current PageRank is only a snap shot in time, it may be weeks or months before it changes, but it doesn't mean Google won't improve your rankings just because your PageRank is not increasing.
I have many web pages that appear on the 1st Page of Google that don't even have a PageRank. This is because I have all the SEO methods in place like Page Title, Keywords, Inlinks, and so on.
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